born October 4,1995
HEIGHT: 59.5cm

Cheyenne would like to thank her sponsor Eva Lukesova from Cernosice, Czech Republic for becomming her sponsor and supporting her 2008/09 pension fund!

Cheyenne is a silver-white blue eyed girl, but everybody mistakenly thinks she´s a male, because of her XL-size. She is as big and strong as some of our biggest dogs and I sometimes make fun of her by calling her „My gentle little giant“.
Cheyenne was born to run and pull. To be exact, I actually think she was really born into this world as a wheel dog. She is such an honest, harty and genuine dog. When she was two years old, Cheyenne had a bad fortune, though. She started having problems with pancreas. Although we castrated her upon our vet´s recommendation and put her on a special therapy and nutrition, she never really got rid of some problems. Later, her condition improved rapidly and Cheyenne is now on the same diet as the other dogs and enjoys the training runs, teaching young dogs and racing in some smaller races. I love to have her in my team and I do so as much as possible.
Chyenne has one great hobby – eating. (If she were to compete in speed eating against any dog in the world, she would definitely win!).

WORKING STATUS: Wheel (team) dog in my 6, 8 and 10 dog team. As of 2005: Puppy coach

EXHIBITIONS: Cheyenne was never at a dog show.

Training camp in Jizerka mountains 1998 a 1999
Training camp in Krusne Hory mountains 1997, 1998 a 1999
Sedlice 2003 (czech cart sprint race) – 4.place
Training Camp - Camp Dannevall, Sweden 2005 (ca 700km)

BLOODLINE: Zero/Alaskan Anadyr


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Posted on: Sunday February 01, 2004 CET