NINON z Úvaláku
born October 23,1993
(Apun Polar x Ambra Stamitofi)

Ninon would like to thank her sponsor Eva Lukesova from Cernosice, Czech Republic for becomming her sponsor and supporting her 2008/09 pension fund!

Ninon is an ultimate leader of the pack. She´s an important member of my dad´s team – fast as a wind, hard working, endurable. In the kennels, she loves to have arguments with other females though. She must know everything, be everywhere first and comment loudly all human or animal encounters.
Ninon loves to be scatched and petted so much that whenever we enter her kennel, she´s like a gluestick.
I can´t help myself from sharing a few stories. At the age of three months Ninon experienced her first mushing event. She rode in a sled bag of my team when we took a trip in the mountains with three dog teams. For 25km she looked out of the bag and watched the scenary. When we stoped for snack, she jumped out of the sled and went to have a chat with the big dogs. A month later we took her to races, where she slept in our room. She pooped right in the middle of my uncle´s pillow just to be in the center of attention. She acctally looked like she´s laughing when we found it…!
On another occasion she brought all her toys, food and treats (and the cats´s toys, food and treats) and a stolen role of toalet paper to the cats´little basket in the kitchen. Untill today I have to smile when I picute her laying in the middle of all the stuff in that little basket, watching everybody and protecting her „treasures“ from the poor cats.

WORKING STATUS: As of 2005: Puppy coach.
Before: Main string point, swing and team dog

EXHIBITIONS: Ninon has never been to a show.

Jaworze 1995 (Poland) – sprint race, 6 dog class (second place)
Gold Nugget stage race (CZ) - 1997
Czech championship in sprint 1997 (third place)
Czech championship in mid distance 1997 (second place)
Šediváčkův long 1998 – Czech championship stage race (first place)
Training Camp - Camp Dannevall, Sweden 2005 (ca 700km)

BLOODLINE: Zero (50%)/outcross of Anadyr, Marlytuk, Sepp-Alta, Innisfree, Kaila


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Posted on: Sunday February 01, 2004 CET