BUCK of Geri´s Den
born August 7, 1997
HEIGHT: 58cm, HD: A1 (excellent), EYES: Certified 2004, Gonioscoped April 27, 2008 clear
(Bayan of Ushnani Mountains x Togiak´s Abashi)

Buck is one of the most favourite dogs in our yard and team. He is a very special dog. No wonder, that he has found a
very special suporter for his 2007/08 racing season! - Katerina's dad, Vlady Palecek from Cernosice, Czech Republic.

Buck is such a sweet dog. He doesn´t chew on things or dig under fences. He gets along with any dog, even the biggest grouches. Buck´s got the greatest personality and attitude from all our dogs. He is the strongest engine and spirit of the team and together with Blacky they can wake the whole team up from any kind of „mood“. Buk is the type of dog that works so honestly you hardly notice he´s in the team. He just goes, from the start to the finish and never cares about anything else, just to do his job the best way he knows and to please me. After we stop for a break, Bucky is the first one to cry out for running again. We strongly believe that he will become our main stud dog.

WORKING STATUS: Puppy Coach (since winter 2007/08)
Main string wheel/team dog - until autumn 2007

excellent 1, WD (winners dog)- Regional Show Karlovy Vary 2004
excellent 2, 2nd place-working class at SHKCR 2004 unofficial specialty Karlovy Vary
excellent 1, open class winner, CAC (one point towards Czech Championship)- National show Mlada Boleslav, CR 2005
2nd price, SH specialty Denmark 2004 (judge Karsten Grönas)
excellent 2, 2nd best male in open class, International show Mlada Boleslav 2005
1st price, open class winner, CK, 5th best male (judge Sonny Ström) - SPHK club specialty Lit 2006, Sweden
1st price, open class winner, CK, best male, CAC (CERT)BOB/BISS (judge Arvid Göransson) - SH breed specialty Evertsberg ´06, Sweden
1st prize, CK, 4th best in open class, 4th best male overall - SPHK Club show Östersund ´07, Sweden (under judge Lars West)
1st prize, CK, veteran class winner, 2nd best male - Int´l show Svenstavik ´07, Sweden (under judge Erna-Britt Nordin)
1st prize in veteran class - SH breed specialty Bjursas ´07, Sweden (under judge Vincent Buoniello)

Šediváèkùv long 1998
Training Camp - Camp Dannevall, Sweden 2005 (ca 700km)
Beaver Trap Trail 2007

BLOODLINE: Combiination of German working lines based mainly on Alaskan Anadyr (ca 50%) and Igloo Pak (ca 30%), also on Sepp-Alta, Arctic Trail, Vargevass

The "E" litter - with BLOWN NORTH Kipp d´Amundsen
The "F" litter - with Roter Stern Kolonie Königsborn BABELI
The "G" litter - with Vox Celesta´s JEE-HAW-HOO



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Posted on: Sunday January 18, 2004 CET