DELIA Kipp d' Amundsen
born March 8, 1999
HEIGHT: 57cm, HD: OFA: GOOD, EYES: certified, May 2005
(Roter Stern Kolonie Königsborn Shin-Ye x Alyeska Kipp d´Amundsen)

Delia is one of the only two puppies from Alyeska´s litter. Because of her light red-foxy color, we gave her nickname „Leesha“, which, in Czech language means Foxy. She´s very easy to handle and a fast learning dog, as she´s so attached to people since she was a puppy. When she first saw a harness, she went so crazy that we had hard times getting it on her. After only a few runs she made us try her in lead, where she´s at ever since.

WORKING STATUS: Puppy coach (since 2008)
Main string Lead dog - until end of 2007/08 season

EXHIBITIONS: Delia has never been to a show

Training Camp - Camp Dannevall, Sweden 2005 (ca 700km)

BLOODLINE: Igloo Pak ca 50%, Alaskan Anadyr, partial influence from Arctic Trail (through Kaila´s Mr.Pepper) and Atim (through Chucky Rocky)



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Posted on: Wednesday September 17, 2003 CET