Roter Stern Kolonie Königsborn BABELI
born September 16, 1998
HEIGHT: 55.5cm, HD: OFA: GOOD , EYES: certified, May 2005
(Hopevuoren Lindo x Roter Stern Kolonie Königsborn Schonn-Ika-Wie)

Babeli is a special character and team claun. She is a strong pilar of our 2007/08 race team. As depended and solid team member she is, is her sponsor Vlady Palecek from Cernosice, Czech Republic. Thank you so much, dad!

Babeli would like to thank her sponsor Alexandr Manda from Cernosice, Czech Republic for becomming her sponsor and supporting her 2008/09 sesson!

Babeli is almost as fast as Alaska and that makes her the second fastest dog in the kennel. It is worth it to see her acceleration. She´s also teh most athleticaly gifted dog we have and has a perfect angulation. Babeli also owns one more „MOST“ – she´s the craziest husky in the pack. When she runs lose around the kennel, she makes funny moves and tricks and sounds and funny faces. She´s a real claun.
Babeli is a really smart female and she can work in different positions in the team.

WORKING STATUS: Main string lead dog


Training Camp - Camp Dannevall, Sweden 2005 (ca 700km)
Beaver Trap Trail 2007 and 2008
Lillholmsjö 2008 - 2x47km

BLOODLINE: Igloo Pak (almost 90%), also Vargevass, Sepp-Alta

The "F" litter - sired by BUCK of Geri´s Den



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Posted on: Wednesday September 17, 2003 CET