Kelim´s RAPID FIRE of Carmacks
born November 8, 2006
HEIGHT: HD: not yet, EYES: clear including gonioscopy, 2009

(2x time Iditarod veteran North Wapiti´s SKOR x North Wapiti's KLUANE)

Rapid is a total sweetheart. One of the kindest dogs we ever met. Her intelligence, kindness and friendliness is glowing from her beautiful dark eyes. She is also very funny dog and earned the nickname "monkey" the second day after we got her :)
Besides being super friendly and playful with dogs and humans alike, she is super light on her feet and super fast too. That´s for naming dogs with the right names! :)

We are thrilled to see her on our team this year, not just because of the great potential she was showing at her former home, her leader talent, speed and super athletic built, but also because of her stunning background, with such acomplished ancestors.

WORKING STATUS: Young athlete, leader in training

None yet

None yet

BLOODLINE: North Wapiti, Northome, Anadyr

ABOUT RAPID´S DOG FAMILY (outstanding dogs):

North Wapiti´s SKOR (sire) - multiple Iditarod veteran, who has an impressive race record and many top placements in sprint and middle distance races, often against open competition (crossbreds). Brother to multiple Iditarod veteran and show champion CH.NorthWapiti´s CRUNCHIE, and son to North Wapiti legendary dog SUPER GROVER.

NorthWapiti´s SUPER GROVER (grand-sire) - Karen Ramstead´s all time best leader, five time Iditarod veteran, main stud dog. The most outstanding dog in the North Wapiti´s kennels and line, an amazing athlete and character.

CH.Chuchinka´s SHAWN BOY, CD, BIS, BISS (4th generation)

Alaskan´s SKOOKUM of Anadyr (grandsire): Iditarod finisher on the Alaskan Anadyr team that set the record time for a purebred siberian husky team on the Iditarod Trail.

Alaskan´s KESSA of Anadyr II (grand dam): Iditarod veteran



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Posted on: Saturday June 13, 2009 CET