HORIZON HUNTER Kipp d'Amundsen
born September 10, 2008
HEIGHT: puppy, HD: too young, EYES: too young

(ENOK x North Wapiti's MAGPIE)

The first born puppy from our "H" litter made it very obvious right from the start that she will be special.

Rizey has already at few weeks of age shown us that she lives up to her name - hunting the horizon seems to be her mission!
She is probably the fastest pup we've ever had and seen, and high intelligence is glowing from her eyes.

Rizey's been first in many things, not just into the world, but also the first one to open her eyes, first one to jump over the fence and she may run as the last in the line on a walk, but would always catch up with her siblings, pass them and get far infront, whenever she pleases. She usually leads the whole group.

Although it is said that mother dogs do not show preferences of one pup over another, Magpie's definite favourite is her first born daughter and she spends enormous time teaching and passing all kinds of experience onto Rizey. It is also pretty cool to see Rizey developing her mom's looks and expression.

This cheeky, smart and super athletic girl has future lead dog written all over her and we can't wait to see her grow up and fullfil her great potential!


None yet

None yet

BLOODLINE: North Wapiti, Vargevass, Anadyr, Igloo Pak, Artic Trail


NorthWapiti's MAGPIE(dam) - one of our main racing leaders. Super fast, smart and friendly girl, with fantastic drive, acceleration and sense of humor.

Can.CH.NorthWapiti´s GUY SMILEY(grandsire) - one of Karen Ramstead´s main race leaders, producer of many show champions and Iditarod finishers - champion and Iditarod finisher himself, a truely multipurpose siberian.

MORKKI av Vargevass(grandsire) - one of Karsten Gronass's former main racing dogs, leader. Influential stud dog with a wonderful personality and built. Veteran and champion of races such as Finnmarkslopet 1000, Femundlopet 600, Polar Distans 300, Pirena, etc.

ENOK (Vargevass)(sire) - one of Karsten Gronass's former main racing leaders. Influential stud dog with a super temperament. Finisher and champion of many mid and long distance races, including Femundlopet 600, Finnmarkslopet 1000 and Polar Distans 300.

Alaskan's SOLO of Anadyr (3d generation) - one of the fastest dogs on Earl Norris' sprint racing team in his time

Can.CH.Chuchinka´s SHAWN BOY, SD(4th generation)

Alaskan´s NIKOLAI of Anadyr II (5,6th generation)

Alaskan´s ASTRO of Anadyr (6th generation)



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Posted on: Thursday January 29, 2009 CET