NorthWapiti´s SKITTLES
born September 14, 2007
HEIGHT: 52.5cm at 10 months, HD: not yet, EYES: not yet

(5x time Iditarod veteran CH.NorthWapiti´s Crunchie x 4x time Iditarod veteran Alaskan´s Olena of Anadyr)

Sweet, gorgeous and opinionated. That is our little charm-troll Skittles. She sure knows how to twist anyone around her paws and her constantly upbeat, happy and smiley aproach easily turns everyone into her fan :)
Skittles is a great, fast mover and basically never stops moving. One huge bundle of energy and drive. She SO reminds us of her super mom Olena, both in behaviour and looks. We are very excited to see how she develops during her first seriuos season as a sled dog.


None yet

None yet

BLOODLINE: North Wapiti, Northome, Anadyr

ABOUT SKITTLLES´S DOG FAMILY (outstanding dogs):

Alaskan´s OLENA of Anadyr (dam) - Multiple Iditarod, Copper Basin and Knik 200 veteran, lead dog, one of Karen Ramstead´s best dogs

CH.NorthWapiti´s CRUNCHIE (sire) - One of the main North Wapiti kennel´s Iditarod leaders, outstanding athlete, and one of the very few show champions to finish the Iditarod

NorthWapiti´s SUPER GROVER (grand-sire) - Karen Ramstead´s all time best leader, five time Iditarod veteran, main stud dog. The most outstanding dog in the North Wapiti´s kennels and line, an amazing athlete and character.

CH.Chuchinka´s SHAWN BOY, CD, BIS, BISS (4th generation)

Alaskan´s MEEKUR of Anadyr (grandsire): Iditarod finisher on the Alaskan Anadyr team that set the record time for a purebred siberian husky team on the Iditarod Trail.

Yeso Pac´s SATAN: Very influential dog, who´s offspring ran in the best teams of outstanding kennels worldwide (Anadyr, Yeso Pac, Alka-Shan, Vargevass, etc.)



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Posted on: Sunday June 29, 2008 CET