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Happy Valentine!
Love and laugh - it costs nothing but makes a huge difference.


Four of Mouse and Nugget´s Puppies (aka the "I" Litter).
left to right: Iceman, Inuit, Inukshuk and Indian Summer.

Spotlight on this season´s rising star Chilli.


The main string team heading out for a run - featured dogs: Tazlina and Galena, in point position.


Pulling back into the yard after a morning run

Bliss and Ziggi leading the team on an early morning run

Left to right: Chilko, Lucky, Chip & Chignik

JULY 2009

Enjoying a rare day of warmth and sunshine with
Striker and his mom Magpie

Strong inheritance. Chuchinka loves laying over and around
our necks, just like her grandma Babeli :)

Sparky at the beach.

JUNE 2009

Sunset at midnight during the Summer Solstice.

Puppy Lineup

We welcome Star and Canuck's Puppies to the world!

MAY 2009

Krtek(Black Avalanche Kipp d'Amundsen)
won her second CAC in Norberg.

APRIL 2009

The H litter's first run.


Ziggi and Music leading 12dog team on a 40 mile run.

Katerina with eight of the mainstring dogs heading out for a training run


Training in the mountains. To view full album, click here.


One of our teams on a beautiful December run.


Music resting during season's first camping trip.

Arriving to camp, on our this season's first camping trip.

Buck and Skittles during autumn walk.

Magpie's puppies 10 days old

Running through the autmn colored swamp


KRTEK at the SPHK NN Club Show in Hammerdal

GRANITE Kipp d'Amundsen - CAC, res.CACIB at Int'l Show Svenstavik.

JULY 2008

Panoramatic view of our kennels and dog yard.

Nugget says: "Hi".

You can view more Summer 2008 photos here

Summer in the kennels - Snowy enjoying the pool

Three white musketeers - Balto, Comet and Ziggi
"dressed" in summer coats

MAY 2008

Black Avalanche Kipp d´Amundsen (aka Krtek)
CAC, BOB, BIS 2 at SPHK club show in Junsele, May 18, 2008.

Snowy leading the team home with her mom Tazlina.

The first training run of the 2008/09 season (May 6th).

APRIL 2008

Brandy (14 years young) enjoying last snow at the lakeside.
Brandy retired fully from the team in February 2008.

MARCH 2008

Katerina's team during BEAVER TRAP TRAIL 2008 race.
Photo: courtesy Ola Lindgren.

Crossing the finish line of BEAVER TRAP TRAIL race on the front street in Norraker.
We had a great time on the last race of the season - THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP!

Balto and Tazlina, leading the team out of starting chute of POLARDISTANS 160
on March 12, 2008. We finished on 7th place with total running time of 14h and 23min.


Music resting during a camp out after a five hour run in snowstorm.
One of our last trainings before Polardistans race.

Out on a windy run

Mist over Spjutvattnet Lake during one of our training runs


The old troopers Lorvin and Ninon (both 14 years young) on a sunny walk.

Happy Rookies - Jachym´s yearling team
finishing the SPHK NN Club Masters Cup 2008 in Lillholmsjö.
Racing debut for the musher and all his teammates.

Jachym during his debut race in Lillholmsjö (January 11-12) with the yearling team.

The mainstring team on Sandviksjön lake


The puppy team led by Brandy (13,5!) and Bliss
swing: Krtek & Snowy, team: Ginger, wheel: Delia & Chilli

Giving rides to children on
Gran Garden´s Christmas Market in Strömsund


Leaders Balto and Ziggi settling
down for our this season's first campout at -12°C

It's here - The winter arrived!

DARK DANCER Kipp d´Amundsen (8.3.1999 - 1.11.2007)
We are deeply hurt by the sudden loss of our beloved Darky. Godspeed our little, brave Darky-Pooh!


First snow´s here! Sparky and Balto in lead.

Our 14 main string dogs after training run.


Little Ginger with her mom Comet

FLAMING STAR Kipp d´Amundsen
Best young female in Swedish SH specialty 2007


The 2007/08 Mainstring Team

Early morning summer training run
Magpie and Balto in lead

JUNE 2007


MAY 2007

Ginger overlooking the lake

Black Avalanche Kipp d´Amundsen (aka "Krtek")
BOB, BIG, BIS 4 Puppy - SPHK Club Specialty, Östersund 20.5.'07

Chilli and Ginger - daddy determined!

Our "water dogs" Krtek and Snowy

APRIL 2007

Babeli and Tazlina leading on our last snow run - last week of April

Jachym's team led by Frostie and Mouse - mountain trip to Klumpvattnet, April 14, 2007

MARCH 2007

Big smiles!

Black Avalanche Kipp d´Amundsen aka "Krtek" - BIS Puppy, Strömsund, March 24, 2007

Our mainstring team on a training run. In lead: Ziggi and Tazlina


Loping across Spjutvattnet lake in 20 below

Working a hill in freshly fallen snow. Magpie and Ziggi in lead

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Posted on: Sunday May 06, 2007 CET