Katerina´s eight dog team heading towards Stokafjället and Skalfjället

Our last spring trip to the mountains this past Saturday was great.
All fourteen dogs (mainstring and yearlings) that we split in two teams and mixed together, so the less experienced dogs could learn some from the more experienced ones, did a great job pulling all the time despite the heat, having a good time and acting with good manners at the picnic break. I couldn´t wish for more in order to finish the season.

Mouse and Frostie leadingLovely sceneryTravelling together

It was the longest run of the season for all four of the yearlings (NorthWapiti´s Canuck, Fun Run Music, his sister Misa and Vox Celestas Kitch Babycham "Maya") and first longer trip for "moose posttraumatic" Mouse (Anumati z Uralu), who again led all the way (in Jachym´s team) and loved her job.

The stars of the day were definittly Mouse, Canuck (who pulled all the time and rested quietly and acted very cool. I have to say that in harness he is a whole lot diffrent dog than in the dog yard, where he´s just nuts. But in team, he´s all business, serious and quiet - could it be a good sign of his super daddy Grover´s and super mom Kara´s genes?) and Tazlina, who colead my team with Ziggi and responded well to changing tracks, etc.

Katerina´s team consisted of:
Ziggi + Tazlina
Maya + Magpie
Canuck + Babeli
Music + Sparky

Jachym´s team consisted of:
Frostie + Mouse
Delia + Misa
Buck + Darky

Frostie and MouseMagpie and Maya

Sparky and Music

These runs in the Jämtland´s mountain open areas are a great opportunity to train the open field leading and ability for the dogs to orientate in such landscape, so I am always grateful for any such practicing. Most long distance races here run through this type of terrain and since several of those are included in our plans for the next season, we better prepare for them as much as possible :)

Changing direction over a mix of tracksOn Klumpvattnet lake

We also travelled over a number of lakes that had already some water over the ice and accept for Misa all of the dogs didn´t care about running through it at all.

Gunilla cookingJachym enjoys the picnicPernilla disussing next season

There will be also some more pictures from this trip included in the photoalbum on the yahoo site soon.

It´s been so warm the past days that the snow melts infront of our eyes, but we can still run on about 20cm of snow on our hard and well packed home trails, at least with the pupps.
But Jachym has alredy checked the ATV and we ordered a new battery as on the weekend we should "kick the wheels" with the main string dogs, while it is cool enough to keep them going and in shape :)

While our snow season is fast ending, and now the detraining period is aproaching for most of us here in Scandinavia, in some parts of the world they are celebrating the start of new race season! :)
Wishing a great season to all of the Aussies and Kiwis :)

Katerina and Team

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Posted on: Tuesday April 17, 2007 CET