born October 20, 2006
HEIGHT: 53cm, HD: too young, EYES: too young

(NorthWapiti´s Captain Canuck x NorthWapiti´s Tazlina)

Krtek is so very proud and thankful to her "family" members Ola, Gunilla and Icey Lindgren in Kristinehamn, Sweden for trusting her and sponsoring her 2008/09 season! She works very hard on making you all proud!

Krtek is our pick of the litter puppy from our "Snowstorm" litter.
She stole our hearts the moment we found her cuddled to her mom in the dog house, in the middle of a severe snowstorm.

Krtek is sweet, chrming, beautiful, nicely built and has the most elegant movements of all our young dogs. She is quiet at hook up, and fast and focussed in team - since the day we harness broke her. A definite favourite in the kennel and a future star!

Krtek´s official name Black Avalanche describes her perfectly - whatever she does and whereever she goes - she just takes it all! :o)

She had a stunning start of her show career since the age of 5 months and shows a great potential in harness - even some brains for leading. How can we not be totally wrapped around her paws?!


HP, puppy class winner (4-6 months), BOB puppy, BIS Puppy - Regional Show Strömsund ´07, Sweden (under judge Göran Akersson) - Krtek´s very first show!
HP, puppy class winner, BOB puppy, BIS 4 Puppy - SPHK Club Show Östersund ´07, Sweden
HP, puppy class winner, BOB puppy - Int´l show Pitea ´07, Sweden
1st prize, CK, junior class winner, 3d best bitch - Int´l Show Svenstavik ´07, Sweden (under judge Erna-Britt Nordin)
1st prize in junior class - SH breed specialty Bjursas ´07, Sweden (under judge Vincent Buoniello)
1st prize, CK, youth class winner, best bitch, CAC (CERT), BOB, BIS 2 - SPHK Club Show Junsele ´08, Sweden (under judge Arvid Göransson, SWE)
1st prize - Int´l Show Svenstavik ´08, Sweden (under judge P.H.Nymark, NOR)

None yet

BLOODLINE: 75% North Wapiti (based mainly on Meomar, Atim, Chuchinka, Northome) and 25% Anadyr

ABOUT KRTEK´S DOG FAMILY (outstanding dogs):

NorthWapiti´s SUPER GROVER (grand sire)

Can.CH.NorthWapiti´s VALKYRIE KARA (grand dam)

Can.CH.Chuchinka´s SHAWN BOY, CD, BIS, BISS (2x 4th and 1x 5th generation)

Can.CH.Chuchinka´s DANCE IN THE WIND SDX; multi BIS (4th generation)

Tumnatki´s BOSUN NorthWapiti (4th generation)

Alaskan´s OLENA of Anadyr (grand dam) - Multiple Iditarod, Copper Basin and Knik 200 veteran, lead dog, one of Karen Ramstead´s best dogs

NorthWapiti´s BUTCH CASSIDY (4th generation) - Iditarod, Klondike 300, Knik 200 veteran, one of the main North Wapiti line stud dogs, sire of several Iditarod finishers. Butch is also show pointed

CH.THE PROFESSOR of NorthWapiti CD; SDU; TT (4th generation) - One of the very few show champions to run the Iditarod, a truly multipurpose siberian, main leader with unbeatable temperament, one of North Wapiti kennel´s foundation dogs

Alaskan´s MEEKUR of Anadyr (4th generation): Iditarod finisher on the Alaskan Anadyr team that set the record time for a purebred siberian husky team on the Iditarod Trail.

Yeso Pac´s SATAN: Very influential dog, who´s offspring ran in the best teams of outstanding kennels worldwide (Anadyr, Yeso Pac, Alka-Shan, Vargevass, etc.)




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Posted on: Tuesday February 20, 2007 CET