born August 1, 2005
HEIGHT: 54.5cm, HD: performance tested, EYES: checked clear May 31, 2006
and September 27, 2008, incl.gonioscopy

(5x time Iditarod veteran NorthWapiti´s Super Grover x 4x time Iditarod veteran CH.NorthWapiti´s Valkyrie Kara)

This special and charming boy found his way to the hearts of two special ladies - Barbara Bennet from Indiana, USA, and
Lee DesJardines from Ontario, Canada. Thank you so much, Lee and Barb for continuing to sponsor Canuck again in the 2008/09 season!

2009 update:
At 4 years of age, Canuck has matured into what we have hoped for and more - dependable, hard working dog with a fluid movement and leader potential. I can´t wait to see him more leading our teams during this comming season! Once again, Canuck´s breeder Karen Ramstead was right, when she said some males mature slowly, but it´s worth the wait, which is what goes well with our own philosophy that "good things come to those who wait" :)
Canuck has become one of the key dogs in the mainstring team, as well as our key stud dog, and we expect to have a few more litters sired by him in the future. His contribution to our team, recent and future, is becomming obvious.

Once more, we would like to express our gratitude to Karen and Mark for letting this very special dog live with us!

Older info on Canuck:
This youngster has a background of a superstar. Both his parents are remarkable representatives of the breed and they are both multiple Iditarod finishers and leaders. His mom is the first and one of only two SH females to finish the Iditarod and have a show championship title (the second female is her daughter, Canuck´s half sister).

Canuck has been acting like a little prince since he came to live with us and he is still acting like a big baby at times :)

He is maturing slower, but steady and he shows a lot of improvement in harness since his harnessbreaking in fall 2006. He went already to several of our winter camping trips and did very well, and enjoyed it. Due to his still a bit immature behaviour, he is easily distracted when running in the more front positions in the team, but works very well in wheel or team position directly infront of the wheel dogs.
Knowing some males take longer to mature completely, we give this special and very sweet boy the time he needs, knowing that "the big things" need time :)

Canuck is a very sweet, loving, affectionate and social dog and he is one of the fastest dogs with incredible flexibility, in our yard. He is also quite a brat and loves to tease younger pupps! He reminds us a lot in behaviour of his other Canadian buddy (from a total different lineage though) Tuk.
On the other hand, I don´t remember having a dog as sweet, gentle and tolerant with little puppies. He absolutly adorred his three girls from the Snowstorm litter he sired, and snuggled the same way with the Spice litter puppies.

Outside he is never still for a milisecond, but indoors he´s able to lay in bed or cuddle on the couch while we´re watching a movie. He loves the chance when Jachym leaves his armchair for a moment, and he quickly jumps in it and enjoys the movie! :)

We are very excited to see him mature more and become a part of our future racing team. Watch for this super boy in the future!

WORKING STATUS: Advanced trainee

2nd prize - Int´l dog show Pieta ´07, Sweden
First prize - Int´l Show Svenstavik ´08, Sweden (under judge P.H.Nymark, NOR)

Lillholmsjö 2008 (2x16km sprint, 8 dog class) - Canuck´s racing debut

BLOODLINE: 100% North Wapiti (based mainly on Meomar, Atim, Chuchinka, Northome)

The "SNOWSTORM" litter - with North Wapiti's TAZLINA
Narmenak kennel's "H" litter - with Karnovanda's KIOWAH
Chiliway's "D" litter - with Chiliway's Bourbon Blizzard
The "CH" litter - with FLAMING STAR Kipp d'Amundsen

ABOUT CANUCK´S DOG FAMILY (outstanding dogs):

NorthWapiti´s SUPER GROVER (sire)

Can.CH.NorthWapiti´s VALKYRIE KARA (dam)

Can.CH.Chuchinka´s SHAWN BOY, CD, BIS, BISS (3d generation)

Can.CH.Chuchinka´s DANCE IN THE WIND SDX; multi BIS (grand dam)

Tumnatki´s BOSUN NorthWapiti (grandsire)



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Posted on: Wednesday June 14, 2006 CET