NorthWapiti´s TAZLINA
born March 12, 2005
HEIGHT: 56cm, HD: performance tested, EYES: checked clear May 31, ´06, October 13,´07 and Sept.27,´08. Gonioscoped October ´07 (a bit narrow angles)

(2x time Iditarod veteran NorthWapiti´s Robert E.Lee x 4x time Iditarod veteran Alaskan´s Olena of Anadyr)

Tazlina would like to thank her great sponsors Ola, Gunilla and Icey Lindgren from Kristinehamn, Sweden for the continuous trust and support they all give her again, for the 2008/09 racing season! Tazy' s daughter Icey runs in Ola's Candyman's kennel team and we think there couldn't be a better match! Thank you, guys so much!

This graywhite "tornado" is probably the most hyperactive, energy ball we have in the kennel :) She is extremly athletic, fast, enthusiastic, focussed and determined. She is one of the most driven dogs we have ever worked with. Taz is definittly one of the best young dogs we have in training.

Besides being fast, pretty and people-loving, this gal also has her "bad" sides, after all she´s nicknamed by her breeder Karen Ramstead as the "mini evil one", after her mother "the evil one" - Olena, whom she has inherited not only her beauty and drive, but also the "evil" gene when it comes to being around other females and doing some very mischevious things once in a while! In fact, I think Taz is her mother´s exact copy!
We have discovered though, that exactly the same way as her mother, Tazlina´s "evilness" is more of an image than reality - she is very soft and easy to correct, and many of her wild endeavours can be halted by a single shout. She is not very popular with other females though, for her mischeviuos games :)

We are thrilled to see what the future holds for this special girl, who´s parents come from sound bloodlines and are both multiple Iditarod veterans, her mom being a leader and considered possibly the best dog Karen ever ran.

In under three years, Tazlina became one of the most depended leaders of our team!

Tazlina is one of the key dogs in our team and we also believe she will be in our breeding program.

WORKING STATUS: Mainstring lead dog

1st price, CK, 3d best bitch in open class (22 in concurence) and 4th best bitch overall - SPHK Club Show Östersund 2007

Beaver Trap Trail 2007
Lillholmsjö 2008 (2x47km)
Polardistans 160 - 2008 (7th place out of 15)
Beaver Trap Trail 2008

BLOODLINE: 50% North Wapiti (based on Meomar, Atim, Chuchinka and Northome) and 50% Anadyr

The "SNOWSTORM" litter - sired by North Wapiti's CAPTAIN CANUCK

ABOUT TAZLINA´S DOG FAMILY (outstanding dogs):

Alaskan´s OLENA of Anadyr (dam) - Multiple Iditarod, Copper Basin and Knik 200 veteran, lead dog, one of Karen Ramstead´s best dogs

NorthWapiti´s BUTCH CASSIDY (grandsire) - Iditarod, Klondike 300, Knik 200 veteran, one of the main North Wapiti line stud dogs, sire of several Iditarod finishers. Butch is also show pointed

CH.THE PROFESSOR of NorthWapiti CD; SDU; TT (3d generation) - One of the very few show champions to run the Iditarod, a truly multipurpose siberian, main leader with unbeatable temperament, one of North Wapiti kennel´s foundation dogs

CH.Chuchinka´s SHAWN BOY, CD, BIS, BISS (3d, 4th generation)

Alaskan´s MEEKUR of Anadyr (grandsire): Iditarod finisher on the Alaskan Anadyr team that set the record time for a purebred siberian husky team on the Iditarod Trail.

Yeso Pac´s SATAN: Very influential dog, who´s offspring ran in the best teams of outstanding kennels worldwide (Anadyr, Yeso Pac, Alka-Shan, Vargevass, etc.)



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Posted on: Wednesday June 14, 2006 CET