born November 12, 2003
HEIGHT: 52,5cm, HD: not yet, EYES: not yet
(Nay-La-Chee´s Cool´N Rude Wolf x A´Tebs Kalinka of Togo)

Ziggi is another of our steady, dependalbe performers and is very grateful to her steady and dependable sponsor, Jachym's mom Eva Lukesova from Cernosice, Czech Republic for her continuous support. Thank you so much!

Ziggi came to us from successful swedish sprint musher Pia Angström. She is a very sweet and friendly female with a very nice movement and eager working attitude. Ziggi is in fact very fast and hard driven and sets a very nice pace of the team when running in lead or point position. She is conflict free and gets along well with any dog, liking especially the puppies. Has a great sense of humor.

Ziggi is very similar in type and build to Magpie, which is a very good thing! These two make a very good, dynamic leading duo.

Ziggi has become a wonderful asset to our team and kennel and we are very thankful to Pia for her!

Ziggi led all the way on our 2008 Polardistans 160 race as well as on Beaver Trap Trail 2008 (134km). As she is getting into her prime years, she becomes more and more solid, dependable leader.

Her daughter Team Amarox S and grand daughter (Team Amarox Aya) both became main string racing leaders on sprint racing team of Wildtribe kennel, Sweden.

WORKING STATUS: Main string lead dog

2nd price at SPHK Show in Lit 2006, under judge Sonny Ström

Sprint racing until 2005
Beaver Trap Trail 2007
Lillholmsjö 2008 (2x47km)
Polardistans 160 2008 (7th place out of 15) - in lead all the way
Beaver Trap Trail 2008 - in lead all the way

BLOODLINE: Northomes, Snowtrails, Alaskan Anadyr and Zero

2 puppies at Team Amarox kennels, sired by Silver

CH.Nay-La-Chee´s Cool´N Rude Wolf (sire) - main leader for A´Tebs successful sprint racing team in Denmark and a show champion

Northomes Rude-E of Axias( grandsire) - very influential stud dog in Scandinavia, brother to several ONAC (Open North Amercian Champioships) finishers

CH.Nay-La-Chee´s Cool Running Kenoia (grand dam) - influential (foundation) bitch of Nay-La-Chee kennel, lead dog and a show champion

CH.Unisak´s Jet Bandit (3d generation)- influential stud dog in Scandinavia, producer and gransire of top dogs, lead dog and champion

Igloo Pak´s Snow Bandit, SDO (4th generation)- one of the top ranked siberians in the history of the breed in SEPP (siberian evaluation performance project), sprint racing leader, influential stud dog



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Posted on: Tuesday March 28, 2006 CET