EVENING SPARK Kipp d´Amundsen
born March 27, 2004
HEIGHT: 59cm, HD: performance tested, EYES: Clear - October 13, 2007, gonioscoped April 27, 2008 clear
(Buck of Geri´s Den x Blown North Kipp d´Amundsen)

Sparky is a very special boy since he was born. He is a single puppy, so he is quite spoiled and hooked on us (and us on him) too. He´s got a wonderful temperament and he learns amazingly quickly. At the age of four weeks (!) he brought me toys on call and today he is a good aporter. In the first five months of his life he learned to: come, give each paw, sit, lay, stay, bring (aport), drop. At age of 12 weeks he made the whole agility parcour. Sparky is a very exceptional, talented dog and we are very proud of him.
You can read about Sparky´s debut in harness HERE.
Around the age of 3 years, Sparky became naturally a leader of the pack, without a single conflict or fight with the other dogs. He is a very fair and respected leader, and inherited a very calm aproach to everything from his daddy Buck.

WORKING STATUS: Main string team and wheel dog, leader in training

EXHIBITIONS: Puppy class winner (5 months old) at SHKCR unofficial specialty, sept.´04

Training Camp - Camp Dannevall, Sweden 2005
Beaver Trap Trail 2007 and 2008

BLOODLINE: Most influence: Alaskan Anadyr (ca 37,5%) and Igloo Pak (ca 20%). Also: Vargevass, Arctic Trail, Alka-Shan, Kaila, Marlytuk, Sepp-Alta, Innisfree (3d-5th generation)



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Posted on: Wednesday April 06, 2005 CET